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Hole By Hole From The White Tees - 5872 yds Par 71

This information is also included with the individual hole descriptions.

Hole 1 - "Motorway" - 342yds - Par 4 - SI15
Straight forward start. Keep right for the best line in to the pin avoiding the front left bunker.

Hole 2 - "Mount" - 446 yds - Par 4 - SI 3
Testing long dog-leg left to well guarded green. Stay away from the trees on the left and the fairway bunker on the right.

Hole 3 - "Old Lindley" - 367 yds - Par 4 - SI 5
Deceptively long hole, gently uphill and usually into a wind. Avoid the bunkers off the tee.

Hole 4 - "IV Bridge" - 290 yds - Par 4 - SI 11
One of the feature holes. Daunting tee shot over the ravine, especially into the wind.

Hole 5 - "Holly Bush" - 137 yds - Par 3 - SI 9
Out of bounds down the right to green, well guarded by bunkers on the left. Two tier green. Pin usually hidden by the bush.

Hole 6 - "Nettleton Hill" - 306 yds - Par 4 - SI 17
Simple looking hole. Everything falls to the left. Big hitters may be tempted to go for it, but beware the greenside bunkers if you do. Watch for golfers teeing off on the 15th above right.

Hole 7 - "Snow Lee" - 506 yds - Par 5 - SI 14
90 degree dog leg right, sharing fairway with the 13th.  Use the watchtower to check for other players and then walk down the  right to speed up play. Inviting tee shot leaving blind 2nd shot. If following others wait for bell sounding before playing up.

Hole 8 - "Petty Royd" - 248 yds - Par 3 - SI 1
The best remembered hole and the longest par 3 in Yorkshire. Nowt for right or long, danger to the left. If your opponent offers you a half in four, take it! Lovely views across Huddersfield to Emley Mast and Castle Hill.

Hole 9 - "Lamb Hall" - 320 yds - Par 4 - SI 13
Semi-blind tee shot over marker post leaves mid to short iron to very  large three tier green. Beware of other golfers in front or playing  the 11th.

Hole 10 - "Bunny Wood" - 313 yds - Par 4 - SI 10
Shot from elevated tee towards marker post leaves semi-blind approach  shot to small green with bunker front right.

Hole 11 - "Dodlee" - 315 yds - Par 4 - SI 16
Simple looking hole. Inviting tee shot, but tricky to get close in  two and the hardest green to read on the course. Look out for players  on 9th tee, especially if playing 2nd shot from behind the right hand  side "humps".

Hole 12 - "Woodland Way" - 443 yds - Par 5 - SI 4
Intimidating tee shot from the medal tee. Two good shots leave a short iron into an innocent looking green, but beware the wind and the out of bounds.

Hole 13 - "Shaw Farm" - 420 yds - Par 4 - SI 2
A very tough uphill hole usually played into the wind. Difficult tee shot. Shared fairway with the 7th. Walk up right hand side to speed up play.

Hole 14 - "Bilberry Hollow" - 142 yds - Par 3 - SI 7
Dangerous uphill tee shot to a small green. On competition days you will have been fortified by cakes and drinks made and served by the ladies section.

Hole 15 - "Grandstand" - 253 yds - Par 4 - SI 18
Panoramic views and an inviting birdie opportunity. Get it wrong and you need a bucket and spade or a ball scoop from the water.

Hole 16 - "Round Ings" - 139 yds - Par 3 - SI 12
Deceptively simple looking hole. Beware bunkers to the right and water channel in front.

Hole 17 - "Longwood Brook" - 396yds - Par 4 - SI 6
Great hole. Tee-off back across the ravine. Keep left to avoid the greenside bunker, but beware the left hand rough and the young trees.

Hole 18 - "Roman Way" - 489 yds - Par 5 - SI 8
Strong finishing hole, usually played into the wind. Two good shots required to clear the three fairway bunkers and set up a short/medium iron into a well guarded green. Then off for a drink - you deserve one!

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